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KeyTimeline Walk Since YR2007



  • Started With the set-up of an outsourcing boutique consultancy in NUS Extension, Junicorp in year 2007 to
    serve key outsourcing clients from Singapore as HQ.


  • Expanded to set up a Chinese Outsourcing partnership centre with Northeastern Chinese City in 2009.


  • Consulted in the setup of 1st MENA partnered outsourcing centre in Dubai for client in 2011.

  • Worked with 2 start-ups in Fintech for the Mena China connect as mentor & limited partner.


  • Developed Training and advisory for Tenders mgt for Singapore Tripartite under SBF as outsourcing practitioner in 2013-14.


  • Ventured into Msia as 1st Outsourcing Centre in Iskandar Malaysia With
    Partner MSC Cyberport Johor Msia in year 2008.

  • Juniasia Cyberport Sdn Bhd & Juniasia Sdn Bhd were established for Iskandar msia and Pan Msian markets with link to Singapore.


  • Partnered and consulted with further Chinese cities in Harbin, Sueifunhue, 2 client centres in Dalian in 2010.


  • By 2013 had exited all outsourcing centres mgt and remained as advisor for Chinese City development with focus on consulting.

2015 - Beyond

  • Remodelled Juniasia to focus on core capabilities with consulting team & Nordic partners Claus Gassvig ,Erik Hertzman (Sweden/S'pore) & more with new start-up innovation /market entry projects -YR2015.

  • Developed a core strength in sustainability consulting and innovation solutions. since YR2019

  • With major nordic -european clients like
    Clewat Oy, Lehtovouri and many more with Sagacity Environment & Etc.

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