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Since Year 2007

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The Future Is Circular

Year 2023 Celebrating 16 Years 
Anniversary Special!

Since 2007

Juniasia originally started in Year 2007 as a leading outsourcing solutions and consulting group; has
expanded to focus on on future and sustainability technologies & solutions via our boutique consulting service model since Year 2011 with key clients.

Partnered with our leading nordic and asian expertise and industry practitioners, we offer customised
market entry- 
expansion solutions, innovation-'start-up' support and engagement services in key industry verticals.
From Year 2019 with our own innovation project partnered with Sagacity Environment (Nordic innovation House) with WV Centre (Waste-To-Value  Centre Singapore- Finland), we have successful embarked on developing a core strength in sustainability, circularity, advisory-consulting solutions in waste, waste to energy/materials extraction, clean energy and technologies both from prototype to commercialized stages.

Our know-how and years of experience in Asia with Middle east (selected) enables us to assist top
companies to new innovative companies to expand in Asia and engage with new clients & partners.
Our latest transition and transformation expertise includes in sustainable finance, modelling,
reporting and advisory with a strong emerging sustainable & clean tech economies or in areas of
sustainable growth sectors.



A Juniasia Innovation:
Waste To Value Centre & Partners


Partners. Affiliates. Network

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Waste-To-Value Centre

A Juniasia Innovation:
Business Advisory For Nordic Companies (Asean Markets) 
Nordic Innovation House
Year 2021

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